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Podcast: Education Interim Study (Part 2)

Monday we learned why textbooks are so expensive and what we need politically to get Oklahoma’s education on track. Now hear from educators and experts on the new assessment system as we deconstruct the A-F grading controversy that broke out during the legislative session. If you didn’t hear Part 1 here is the direct link or find it on the bottom of this page!


In our summer podcast series, we will be conducting expert and industry interviews on a variety of topics that we are calling our own JRLR Interim Studies. We’ve chosen questions and topics that arose over the course of the session and from attending various agency meetings, with a focus on things that might not get talked about at the capitol.  We may also be touching on the proposed topics which for whatever reason were not approved. This week we’ve begun with education, yes there were 19 interim studies on education filed and the majority of them were approved. However, none of them tackled textbook prices and not-surprisingly none of them are poised to tackle the political issues facing our state’s education. Being a third party we can ask the questions the legislature isn’t always capable of asking about these issues.

We have official House interim studies looking at:

  • Restraint Standards for Common Education Employees HIS17117
  • Administrative Inefficiencies HIS17005
  • Improving Special Education HIS17009
  • Education program evaluation/costs HIS17035
  • Higher Education – Concurrent Enrollment HIS17063

All of which are important and will be attended and reported on by Journal Record and JRLR staff, but also all have political bents and highly focused topics that don’t answer all of the burning questions we have concerning Oklahoma Education. So this week we talked to Educators, Administrators, School Board Members, Textbook Committee Chairs, and Policy Directors to find out what our current situation is and what the legislature can do about it.

This first one got long so we split it in half, enjoy part 2 of our Education Interim Study!








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