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What’s on the ballot? The Future.

As voters head to the polls for America’s newest edition of midterm elections, candidates and pundits continue to blare that this election will have unprecedented consequences. Politicians are known for labeling the next election as the “most important ever”, yet something feels truly different this time around. Early voting and voter registration have seen unprecedented increases in many parts of the nation, Oklahoma notwithstanding. The Oklahoma Election Board reported that early voting in this year’s election more than doubled the total for the 2014 midterms. All quarters of America’s political spectrum appear to be highly energized. Democrats hope to flip both chambers of the federal government in order to put a serious dent in the Trump agenda. Republicans are fighting against what Democratic candidates have coined as “the blue wave”, in order to preserve the conservative policies of the past two years. Meanwhile, Libertarian and Independent voters wish a pox on both houses, hoping that their vote, however small, might shake up the bipartisan landscape. While Oklahoma’s representation in the House may be small compared to a neighboring behemoth like Texas, polling suggests that control of the House could be determined by as little as one seat. As the parties trade barbs at the national level, Oklahoman’s will be making significant choices for the future of their home state. With a term-limited, incumbent Governor on her way out the door, locals must choose who will lead their state into an uncertain future and whether Chris Powell, Kevin Stitt, or Drew Edmondson is best equipped to provide citizens the kind of future they desire. With every election, despite the unpleasant mudslinging ads and vitriolic political discourse, I am reminded of the founding fathers’ genius; developing a system of government allowing every citizen to take part in the nation’s destiny.

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