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Capitol week in review … (April 30-May 4) (access required)

We may have our first interim study subject lined up for this year—workers’ compensation reform. Sound familiar? House Speaker Kris Steele thinks it’s ripe for another go ‘round. Well, maybe not another massive redrafting of Title 85 (that’s where workers’ comp lives, in the law books). This one would center on whether Oklahoma should join Texas, the only state that …

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Capitol week in review (April 23-27) (access required)

It is not unheard of for tempers to flare up as Oklahoma lawmakers sprint toward deadlines. Some issues do not make it out of committee or receive a hearing on the House or Senate floor for one reason or another. Sometime it is at the choice of the author or the group advocating for a particular measure—sometimes not. When it …

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Capitol week in review (March 19-23) (access required)

No floor actions to review this week. Things were even quieter than usual at this time on the calendar, as both houses seemed to take a breather after rushing toward the March 15 original-house committee deadline. The week also was abbreviated, with the House and Senate deciding to take Thursday off (saving $5,000 in Senate costs, $16,000 in the House). …

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Senior property tax freeze will cost millions, says OSSBA (access required)

Reacting to an assertion by Rep. David Dank, R-Oklahoma City, that his measure to freeze property valuations for Oklahoma senior citizens would not reduce school funding, the Oklahoma State School Boards Association has released a statement disagreeing with the lawmaker. “HJR 1001 has the potential to cost schools and county services millions of dollars in local revenues,” says the statement …

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Senate substitute measure would freeze property valuation of taxpayers 65 or older with gross incomes up to 125 percent of county median (access required)

As it came to the Senate Finance Committee, HJR 1001 would have eliminated the income cap necessary for Oklahomans 65 years of age or older to qualify for a freeze on the valuation of the fair cash value of their property for ad valorem tax purposes. That means that no matter what their gross household income, they would not experience …

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House GOP touts agenda wins (access required)

Now that the floor-deadline dust has settled after a contentious final week in the larger chamber, House Republicans are pointing to several bill passages they’re counting in the win column for their 2011 session agenda, including among others: Three measures addressing lawsuit reform: HBs 2023 as amended, 2024 and 2128 (the latter after House Democrats and Republicans first joined to turn …

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Senior property-value freeze measure has no income cap

By 82-13, House members passed a measure Monday that would prohibit increases in fair cash value of homesteads for property valuation for Oklahomans 65 years of age or older, with no income cap to qualify for the restriction. HJR 1001, by Rep. Dave Dank, R-Oklahoma City, would require a vote of the people to amend the Oklahoma Constitution. Dank said staff …

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