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Oklahoma-based Continental Resources cuts budget (access required)

(ASSOCIATED PRESS) — An Oklahoma City-based oil and natural gas producer is slashing its 2015 drilling budget by more than 40 percent as crude oil prices continue to tumble.

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Supreme Court to hear lawsuit over price gouging (access required)

(ASSOCIATED PRESS) — A lawsuit against an Oklahoma-based company claiming it and other natural gas companies gouged two Kansas plaintiffs is headed for the U.S. Supreme Court.

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(Updated) Fallin touts diverse energy sector to meet future needs of state, nation (access required)

From its traditional foundation in oil and natural gas, Oklahoma’s energy sector now features a robust wind-energy industry and other means of producing power that will help fuel its economy into the future, Gov. Mary Fallin said Monday.

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Natural gas prices still bear watching, says Miller (access required)

Although Oklahoma finished FY 2012 well into the  black gross revenue-wise, at a positive 7.7 percent, some parts of its economy bear continued watching, including natural gas prices and the drop in tax revenue that segment of the energy sector brings in, State Treasurer Ken Miller said Thursday.

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Fallin: With 10-month general revenue collections $350 million fatter than expected, it’s income tax-cut time (access required)

General revenue collections through April topped $4.55 billion or $353.6 million more than officials expected and $434.6 million more than the first 10 months of last fiscal year, officials said Tuesday. “This puts lawmakers in a great position,” said Gov. Mary Fallin. “Not only can they avoid the kind of widespread budget cuts we’ve seen in recent years, they can …

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Energy industry contributes one of every $3 to Oklahoma’s gross state product, one-fifth of state personal income, says OERB report (access required)

In 2011, Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry set off long-range economic activity estimated to make up $52 billion of the gross state product, or one out of every $3 in GSP, as well as $28 billion or 20 percent of state personal income, according to a new report issued by the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board.

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Capitol week in review … (April 30-May 4) (access required)

We may have our first interim study subject lined up for this year—workers’ compensation reform. Sound familiar? House Speaker Kris Steele thinks it’s ripe for another go ‘round. Well, maybe not another massive redrafting of Title 85 (that’s where workers’ comp lives, in the law books). This one would center on whether Oklahoma should join Texas, the only state that …

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Facing tight budget and natural gas price uncertainty, legislative leaders dial back size of potential income tax cut, focus funding talk on rosier new-money number (access required)

Nervous about lack of improvement in natural gas prices, legislative leaders continue to retreat from talk of any major income tax reduction this session.

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More state leaders acknowledge major income tax reduction not in the cards this year (access required)

It’s looking less and less likely that Oklahomans will see their taxes reduced by any whopping amount this year.

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Leaders watching natural gas price-slide; Steele says no additional budget cuts anticipated—for now (access required)

State leaders are very aware of the ongoing slump in natural gas prices and how that could affect state revenue, House Speaker Kris Steele said Thursday. “I don’t think we’re considering any additional cuts because of the low natural gas prices at this point,” said Steele, R-Shawnee. “That doesn’t mean that that’s not subject to change.”

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