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Justices question changes in Zink Dam bond issue proposal (access required)

It is never a good idea to try to guess, from judges’ questions at oral argument, how they might rule in a particular case. However, some of the questions raised Thursday by Oklahoma Supreme Court justices may indicate what issues ...

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Justices question opponents’ arguments against proposal for sale of wine in grocery stores (access required)

Questions and discussion from some justices on the Oklahoma Supreme Court Thursday may indicate a tough road ahead for opponents of a ballot proposal aimed at allowing wine sales in grocery stores, warehouse clubs and supermarkets.

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Justices: State law excluding property funded by federally exempt bonds from ad valorem tax exemption is unconstitutional (access required)

Language in a 2003 Oklahoma statute that prohibits property funded by the sale of federally tax-exempt bonds from receiving an exemption from state ad valorem taxes is unconstitutional, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has held.

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State Supreme Court: Wendy’s-related insurer lacks sufficient connections to Oklahoma to owe half-million in corporate taxes (access required)

A Vermont-based insurance company formed by Wendy’s International, Inc., to provide business-interruption insurance to the parent company and its affiliates does not have sufficient connections to Oklahoma to owe roughly $500,000 in corporate state income taxes, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ...

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Justices turn down Fent challenge to taxpayer-lawsuit changes (access required)

A 7-2 Oklahoma Supreme Court has declined to hear Oklahoma City attorney Jerry Fent’s challenge to a new law that changes requirements for filing taxpayer lawsuits against government officials. Concurring in the order to deny Fent’s application for the court ...

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