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Justices question changes in Zink Dam bond issue proposal (access required)

It is never a good idea to try to guess, from judges’ questions at oral argument, how they might rule in a particular case. However, some of the questions raised Thursday by Oklahoma Supreme Court justices may indicate what issues are on their minds regarding a $25 million bond proposal to fund improvements on the Zink Dam in Tulsa.

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Gurich to speak at Rose State College Constitution Day event (access required)

Oklahoma State Supreme Court Justice Noma Gurich will deliver this year’s Constitution Day speech at Rose State College, officials have announced.

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Justices question opponents’ arguments against proposal for sale of wine in grocery stores (access required)

Questions and discussion from some justices on the Oklahoma Supreme Court Thursday may indicate a tough road ahead for opponents of a ballot proposal aimed at allowing wine sales in grocery stores, warehouse clubs and supermarkets.

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Justices: State law excluding property funded by federally exempt bonds from ad valorem tax exemption is unconstitutional (access required)

Language in a 2003 Oklahoma statute that prohibits property funded by the sale of federally tax-exempt bonds from receiving an exemption from state ad valorem taxes is unconstitutional, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has held.

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State Supreme Court: Wendy’s-related insurer lacks sufficient connections to Oklahoma to owe half-million in corporate taxes (access required)

A Vermont-based insurance company formed by Wendy’s International, Inc., to provide business-interruption insurance to the parent company and its affiliates does not have sufficient connections to Oklahoma to owe roughly $500,000 in corporate state income taxes, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has held.

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Justices turn down Fent challenge to taxpayer-lawsuit changes (access required)

A 7-2 Oklahoma Supreme Court has declined to hear Oklahoma City attorney Jerry Fent’s challenge to a new law that changes requirements for filing taxpayer lawsuits against government officials. Concurring in the order to deny Fent’s application for the court to assume original jurisdiction were Chief Justice Steven Taylor and Justices Yvonne Kauger, James Winchester, James Edmondson, John Reif, Douglas …

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