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Dank: Transferable tax credits = “Big swap meet” (access required)

Never let it be said that Rep. David Dank is at a loss for vivid language when discussing tax credits. He calls the coal tax incentive the “poster child for just about everything that is wrong with this system.” As for transferability of the credits, he’s not a fan: “State policy has apparently created a whole new industry of brokering …

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Coal tax credit illustrates what’s bad in tax incentive arena, says Dank (access required)

It was the final hour of the last day of the 2006 legislative session when lawmakers passed a bill that carved out part of a tax credit for coal purchasers, giving it to producers. Shortly thereafter, during a special session, again during the waning hours, the purchaser credit was restored, without cutting back on the new producer credit. “So, now …

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