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Doerflinger outlines details of Fallin budget plan (access required)

Gov. Mary Fallin’s budget plan for FY 2015 provides less than what most agencies want, but it manages to balance the state budget and increase funding for schools and human services while reducing the state income tax, says state finance ...

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DHS officials outline successes, program funding needs (access required)

Although funding has been fairly flat since FY 2010, the agency’s rising productivity rates show that the Department of Human Services is doing more with less, but it has some critical needs to address, Director Ed Lake told lawmakers Tuesday.

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Buckle up: From ‘fiscal cliff’ to tax cuts (and credits), difficult issues await 2013 legislative session (access required)

When 20-plus new legislators hit the ground for the 2013 legislative session in February, they and their more-experienced colleagues will face a stack of issues from the familiar (taxes) to the unique (the “fiscal cliff”) to the heartbreaking (abuse of ...

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