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Moore mothers call for bond issue to build storm shelters at Oklahoma schools (access required)

Hearing one of his friends crying in another classroom, Plaza Towers Elementary School third-grader Christopher Legg left his own room and made his way down the hall to soothe the classmate’s fears as the May tornado headed toward their part of Moore.

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Group discusses proposed school storm shelter bond-issue initiative petition (access required)

Rep. Joe Dorman, other legislators and interested parties met at the State Capitol Friday to discuss issues associated with Dorman’s proposal for a $500 million bond issue to fund storm shelters at Oklahoma schools.

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Steady growth in gross state revenue continues; for May, growth includes gross production taxes for first time in 18 months (access required)

Gross state revenue collections for May demonstrate that the state is experiencing continued steady growth, with an uptick not seen in one sector for the last 18 months.

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New York lawmaker comes to Oklahoma to ‘pay it forward’ (access required)

Assemblyman Phillip Goldfeder of Queens, N.Y., knows what it is like to try to recover from a natural disaster. Some 85 percent of his district was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, including his home. “My own family was displaced for a number of months,” he told the Oklahoma House on Wednesday.

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Unanimous Senate approves $45 million from Rainy Day Fund for tornado disaster relief (access required)

Acting just two days after the massive, EF5 tornado devastated Moore, the Oklahoma Senate approved a measure Wednesday tapping the constitutional Rainy Day Fund for $45 million to match federal disaster funds and for other related assistance, on a vote of 45-0.

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State buildings closed Tuesday (access required)

FROM OMES: Several buildings in the state Capitol complex were closed for health and safety reasons Tuesday afternoon that were related to the deadly tornado that struck Moore the previous day. Officials at the Office of Management and Enterprise Services acted at the direction of OMES Director Preston L. Doerflinger. Michelle R. Day, administrator of the Division of Capital Assets …

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Officials seek delay of OKPOP Museum measure to focus on tornado relief (access required)

Officials backing a proposal for $40 million in state sales tax funding to build the Oklahoma Museum of Popular Culture in the Tulsa area asked legislative leaders Tuesday to delay consideration of the issue in the wake of Monday’s devastation from the Moore tornado.

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Expanded ‘Good Samaritan’ shelter measure heads for Fallin’s desk—House Dems criticize earlier veto (access required)

Gov. Mary Fallin will soon find on her desk lawmakers’ resolution of an issue that has prompted heated debate from Democrats every time it has come before the House—in fact, “resolution” may be an optimistic term for the final version of HB 2419, or at least for how it came to the House floor.

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Politics or policy? Fallin survives first veto override attempt (access required)

After considerable House debate about policy v. politics, Republican Gov. Mary Fallin survived the first attempt to override one of her vetoes Tuesday. Democratic Rep. Eric Proctor’s motion failed on a vote of 47-50. Of the 47 yes votes, 15 were cast by Republicans. To succeed and move the effort to the Senate, the motion needed to achieve 68 yes votes—two thirds—in the House.

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