ALERT is the real-time notification service that takes the legislature to where you are – not just where your computer is. The ALERT service sends instant notifications on five different events, each critical to the function of a legislative professional. Those five are:

Activity on Key Legislation – Any activity at all on your key legislation triggers an instant notification as to the specifics of the event. Notification on your device occurs normally within 30 seconds of of floor activity.
New Text on Key Legislation – This notification occurs when any new version or amendment is added to the system. This is most important for the availability of proposed committee language, prefiled amendments and conference committee reports.
Committee Postings – In addition to notification when a key bill is scheduled for hearing and the House posting rule is suspended, you can select notification when a particular committee sets any meeting, regardless of whether you have a bill in the agenda.
Adjournment and Recess – This is a critical part of real-time lobbying since many committee meetings take place on adjournment or recess. Knowing as soon as the chamber breaks frees you from sitting in the gallery waiting for the conclusion.
Important Events – Notifications are sent for important events that would affect most clients. Examples of key events would be the announcement of committee appointments, committee report of the General Appropriations Bill, or the Speaker placing a call on the House.

ALERT keeps you informed where you are when you can’t watch both the House and Senate, the committee rooms, the governor’s office, and the committee announcements at the same time.

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