Features & Benefits

Journal Record Legislative Report is Oklahoma’s most advanced bill tracking service providing comprehensive information you need:


Find the bills that affect you with powerful manual and automatic searches such as keyword, legal citation, subject, author, progress and companion.

Organize your legislation a multitude of ways to make retrieval easy by client, position, priority, subject, and more.

Receive professional reports to manage your workload, engage your clients and inform colleagues regarding important information, including bill status, meetings, calendars, contributions, research and analytics.

ALERT is the real-time notification service that takes the legislature to where you are – not just where your computer is. The ALERT service sends instant notifications on five different events, each critical to the function of a legislative professional.

JRLR Mobile

JRLR Mobile is a site specifically designed to work on the small form factor smart phones and mobile PDA devices. In addition, it has been optimized to speed download times by removing and reducing large graphics.


What legislative information do you need to see every morning? NightCap profiles the answer to that question in an automatic report that is emailed and can even be printed automatically.

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