NIGHTCap Report Generator

What legislative information do you need to see every morning?

NIGHTCap profiles the answer to that question in an automatic report that is emailed and can even be printed automatically. You choose the options that you want which include:

* A calendar of events for the day
* A list of new bills, committee referrals, committee actions, floor actions and executive actions from each chamber
* House and Senate Calendar with your bills noted and including your own bill analyses
* Committee meeting schedules with your bills noted, tracking assignments, your own bill analyses and remarks
* One or more tracking reports detailing the current status of each bill combined with your own bill analyses
* Full-text word searches of every new bill or new bill versions since yesterday, including proposed committee reports, floor amendments and conference committee reports.
* Statute citation searches for every new bill or new bill version since yesterday as well as notification of bills amended that contain your citations.
* Agency and Interim Committee meeting notifications a variety of ways.